Account Creation

Sign Up for Your New Account

The account creation process has several steps necessary to complete in order to access your information. The process may seem cumbersome, but is designed with the protection of YOUR customers' data in mind. For assistance with the account creation process, please email
  1. Create Account: Create your username and password for basic site access. Once done with this you will be able to log into the site.

  2. Associate Account: Your account needs to be associated with your agencies specific settings and data. You will be given a key by UIC or your agency's local administrator. After logging in, you will have the opportunity to enter this key, tieing your account to your agency.

  3. Account Activation: Your account will need to be activated by either UIC staff, or you agency's site administrator. After you associate your account in the step above, an email will be generated to UIC and your site administrator indicating your account is ready for activation. Your site administrator will set your appropriate permissions at this time. You will receive an email when your account has been activated, giving you access to site data for your agency.